Welcome to Brokeland, chummer. Birth and death place of Bohemian Electric Jazz Blues, and your place of residence for whatever reason.

Character creation is as such:
– 300 BP
– At least one negative quality of any rating
– Highest attribute is set to four, but the normal “maxing out” cost does not apply. Only one attribute can be at 4.
– Racial stat changes affect this cap.
– Magic and resonance can also be increased to 4
– The highest skill cap is set to one 4 with everything else being 3 or less.

–Players can spend up to 8 points per Contact spread between Connections and Loyalty.

Weapons, Armor, and other items:
– Players may not purchase items above an availability of 4 to start.
–Due to my lack of understanding regarding buying magic during character creation, players are restricted to one combat spell or mental manipulation spell. Both schools are highly illegal and difficult to come by. Ironically, illicit drugs and prostitutes are much less so.

– An exception to this rule is drones, which can be approved on a case by case basis.