Tony Maddox (A.K.A. The Tiger)


Rare is the day that Maddox is found in a pressed suit as per Lone Star regulation. His shoulder length black & gray hair is slicked back with gel and may have had a comb run through it once in a while. Stubble threatening to become a beard surrounds the hard features of his face, and fierce brown eyes gaze out at a world he freely says might not be worth saving.


This clean-if-unkempt man is mostly commonly located sleeping at his desk or making coffee in the mess break room most mornings and the kami knows where once his day starts. Though his methods are….. unusual at best, but Maddox has the highest case closed rate of any individual. Conversely, he also has earned the highest number of complaints for basic civil liberties violations.

Tony Maddox (A.K.A. The Tiger)

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