The Trumpet Tantrum's rumpled businessman of remembrance.


Found sitting primly on the third seat from the left at Trumpet Tantrum’s bar, this besuited man is never without a drink in front of him. While his black three-piece suit looks to be of an expensive brand to those with a discerning eye, it is kept in a state of permanent rumple-tude makes knowing for sure an impossibility.

John’s hair was once a brown but finds itself on the farther side of peppered-nearing-snowy, and his brown eyes lazily scan the dive’s patrons as if they might not really exist. With each reach for his drink, a holo cpu watch can be seen. Whether it works or not is a matter of debate amongst the bar’s regulars as nobody has seen him use it.


Not much is known about the most regular of the bar’s regulars, except that he lives up the nickname “Keeper of The Story” and might have once shot a man for interrupting him during said story.