Trumpet Tantrum


The “Trumpet Tantrum” (called “The Trantrum” by those in the know) was once the jewel of Brokeland during the great Bohemian revolution. If one looks past the chipping paint, cracked mirrors, dull, unpolished chandeliers, and stained carpet, the vestiges of its former beauty can still be seen.

Now, the hall of heroes has learned away from music hall and fallen heavily towards bar. The stage has been converted into three dancing platforms with a mix of genders and races. Occasionally, a band will play to mostly negative response.

The bar top itself is kept pristine by the bar’s gargantuan owner, Berry the Barkeep. It’s gleaming wooden surface is a call back to the “simpler times, when music played on the wind” as the Tantrum’s near-constant occupant, John, is known to say is his more eloquent drunken moments.

The Tantrum is the most heavily frequented bar in Brokeland due to its strict and violently enforced zero tolerance policy regarding violence. Berry is not known for his subtlety nor his patience regarding inter-gang feuds and aggression. The last gang to try strong-arming Berry or his employees was never found. As such, the Trumpet Tantrum has the lowest crime rate in the city and is a neutral ground for deals and alliances.

Trumpet Tantrum

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