Brokeland (Formally known as Yolan)

Yolan is a once-famous city now fallen on the hardest of times. Its grimly buildings and shuttered houses hint at the homely, clean, and friendly environment that existed some twenty years ago.

In profanity-covered windows hang ‘closed indefinitely’ signs more often than “open.” The owners of those establishments look more like drowning men clawing for a long-forgotten surface than successful entrepreneurs.

Many of the city’s greatest members left for better pastures, taking their money with them. The poorer were left to eek out a living amidst the moral and economic decay. Few good people are left in Brokeland with fewer good jobs for them to work. The most common jobs are low-paying factory positions, in the fast food industry, or working as a part of the super centers.

The best jobs are found either by monorail or vehicle in New New Dublin, but living expenses in New New Dublin are outrageously high thus preventing those who work there from living there. However, very few Brokelands work in such places as they lack the required skills and education for many good jobs.

Many turn to crime, and color-flying gang members stand on trash-cluttered street corners. The Jetstreamers, Cudgels, and Vipers rule their respective territories while smaller gangs vie for scrap business and act as go-betweens. Crime is common place with robbery, muggings, and murder being a weekly occurrence at best and drug deals happening more often the legitimate ones.

Brokeland (Formally known as Yolan)

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