Cecilia Pargo

Chief of Police of Loan Star Law


With graying hair, a constant scowl, and steely eyes that see perhaps too much at a glance, Chief Pargo sits straight-backed in at her desk. Her uniform is pressed, her medals aligned, and her stance on crime is that it needs to end.


Cecila Pargo came into command of the Yolan branches of Loan Star 10 years ago. In that time, tremendous changes have been made not only to the branch itself but Yolan. Gangs no longer have free reign of the streets, the officers of Yolan drive/walk their beats consistently, and cases of racial discrimination are down quite a lot.

Her stance on racial discrimination on the force and the streets has been a subject of interest to the media. The tabloids especially ave taken great interest in creating dramatic stories involving the Chief in various lurid dalliances with trolls, orcs, and dwarves. For the most part, she laughs them off with a “so what if I do?”

In press conferences, she is terse. Questions are answered directly without much room to mince words in.

A historic occasion was during the Loan Star Street Wars, a reporter insisted she explain way the so-called “War on Gang Violence” hadn’t ended yet. He listed some of the major debacles the company had faced in its earlier efforts, and named many civilian casualties of this effort. In response, Chief Pargo said that the idiotic title was not of her choosing, the loss of any life be it civilian, officer, or even gang member was lamentable, and followed up with an offer to deputize and promote the reporter if he felt he could do a better job. No questions regarding Pargo’s effectiveness as Chief of Law Enforcement were asked subsequent press conferences.

Cecilia Pargo

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