Berry the Barkeep

Trumpet Tantrum's barkeep


Berry is a giant, even by troll standards. Weighing in at a whopping 850 lbs and standing 4.9 meters, the barkeep enforces a strong anti-violence policy with his “ceremonial beatstick” and upper-arms the size of a human’s torso. Berry sports softly glowing tribal tattoos, tiger-striped fur, and a wicked scar running along his face. Despite the tattoos, nobody has seen the Trumpet’s proprietor use magic.

He speaks in a slow, rumbling voice that belies his intelligence.


Rumors fly freely about the Trumpet’s owner once he’s out of ear shot. Ask anybody and the amicable troll was a:
– Shadowrunner
– Corporate Enforcer
– Jazz Trumpet player with lungs like nobody’s business
– Back Alley Wrestler
– Most fucking terrifying Batman-wannabe ever
– Nature Lovin’ Shaman

When asked about his past, Berry takes delight in breathing new life into rumors that seem to be dying. He has not told anybody the same story twice to the patron’s knowledge.

One thing that is known about Berry is that he has an ungodly knowledge of drink mixing, and has yet to be confounded by an order, no matter how exotic.

Berry the Barkeep

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