The Brokeland Blues: A Shadow Run Chronicle

looking for Lizzie

David attempts to develop a sensor for finding Lizzie.

Collin gets word that lizzie is missing and sets up programs to look for her.

David tries to get his attention by committing an apparent crime in front of a camera he thinks collin might be watching and e-mailing a request for help to the camera. (this didn’t end up happening because the magically sensitive cops spoke up before he tried it.)

collin gets a briefing from eunomia (sp?)

magically sensitive cops turn out to be lizzie detectors, maybe. they felt funny near her.

collin gets footage of the woman who took lizzie

David identifies the woman as linda DeWare, who is tricky to hunt down.
she is management for a security firm, and was hired previously by nickles’s company.

David receives notification of her last known location
He and officer go to the location and wait outside the apartment for backup.

linda steps out of the apartment carrying lizzie with David and Officer ready to fire.

Page Left Intentionally Blank

Ho’ Shit! It’s a blank page.


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